Anne T. Alberts

Head of Interior Design - Essex

Anne T. Alberts joined the design staff of Carpenter & MacNeille in 2008, two years after completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design at Endicott College. First as an assistant designer, then as a designer in her own right, Anne has been a valuable member of the team on important projects including Breezing Up, Seaway, Lobster Cove, Contemporary Cape, and Top of the Rock. She is currently the interior designer for a significant farmhouse compound renovation in Dover, MA; a full renovation of a home on Martha’s Vineyard; and a stately remodel of a home in Manchester by the Sea. Anne’s ability to collaborate with and unite members of a project team, from architects and interior designers to project managers, site supervisors, subcontractors, and craftsmen keep the team focused on the architectural narrative for the home’s character. Anne has won several design awards, been published in a number of magazines, and is an enthusiastic proponent and guardian of the C&M aesthetic.

She resides in Topsfield, MA where she indulges her passions for gardening, cooking, and fixing up an old farmhouse with her husband and two young children. She can often be found throwing a tennis ball for her English yellow lab, Josephine, in the field behind her home or, if the weather is nice, on the family boat in Watch Hill, Rhode Island.